We work with writers at all stages.  Some students come with manuscripts well underway. Others simply arrive with a lot of experience and a desire to tell their stories.  We’re a very small program, our workshops are intimate, and our focus is entirely on your work.


The Mont Blanc Workshops (June 11 – June 23)

The core of the Mont Blanc Writing Programs is an intensive, two-week workshop, during which students will work daily with a single faculty member. These classes are capped at 12 and your instructor’s only obligation is to focus on your writing.  The courses follow a traditional workshop format – each student will have their work critiqued twice before the group, with the faculty member running the show.  Classes meet once a day, usually in the morning, and typically last for about three hours.


The dates for the workshop in 2017 are June 11 to June 23.  These two weeks will also include several readings and cocktail parties.  Our events are always popular but the program also leaves plenty of time for participants to write.  The Chamonix Valley is filled with cafes, rock-climber bars, and secluded alpine meadows, so there are plenty of places to hide out and lose yourself in your work.  The workshops this year will be lead by Pam Houston, Adrian Matejka, Erin Belieu, David Daley, and Ann Hood.


Tuition and Living in Chamonix

Tuition for the workshop is $2700, with a deposit of $500 to reserve a place once you are accepted.

For students who are interested, we are offering housing this year starting at $600 per week, and we’ll work with you to meet your needs.  However, we strongly recommend you handle this end of your stay on your own – the housing options are limitless and booking an apartment or a room is remarkably easy.  June is the best month in the Alps, but it’s also the low season – skiing is over and school holidays have not yet begun.  So, there is a wide range of properties to choose from.

With food, we’ll host several events with plenty to eat, but in general you’ll be in charge of feeding yourselves.  All chalets and apartments will have kitchens and hotels often offer deals.  People here also tend to bond fairly quickly and participants in the program swiftly colonize assorted cafes and restaurants in the valley.  In terms of costs, life in Chamonix is very easy to manage.  It’s a great place to live on the cheap – 10 bucks a day will get you the best bread, cheese, and wine of your life.  There’s an excellent farmer’s market, a cheese co-op, numerous bakeries, etc.  If you want to go deluxe, there are plenty of high-end restaurants, including a few with Michelin stars.

Because people come from all around the world, we also let participants book their own air and rail. Getting to Chamonix is easy, though. And we’re here to point you in the right direction if you need us. Geneva tends to be the best place to fly into, with easy 1 hour shuttles from the airport to Chamonix.  Turin, Milan, and Lyon are also reasonably close and they’re ideal starting points if you want to fit extra travel into your plans.


More Information

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